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Concrete Cutting and Polishing Ann Arbor

Concrete cutting and polishing employ different techniques and methods. Either way, both are essential services that are offered by your trusted local Ann Arbor concrete company.

Ann Arbor Concrete Contractor

Concrete cutting refers to the process that involves careful and precise sawing, drilling, and removal of concrete. This is something that can only be performed by trained professionals because it involves the use of special saws. In this process, the concrete and asphalt that needs to be removed is sawn off with finesse and accuracy. In cutting, mistakes are irreversible. Techniques are important in making sure that the result will have a smooth and even finish.

On the other hand, polishing concrete is a process that can be likened to sanding wood. Special machinery is used in this process. Some of the equipment have abrasives that have diamond segments. This can grind the surface of the concrete until it is smooth and shiny. At the start of the process, coarser grit is used, and as the process progresses, finer grit can be used to further promote smoothness and shininess of the concrete surface. If done well, the surface of the concrete will have a glossy finish, like that of a mirror. Call us at 734-593-1449 if you need an Ann Arbor concrete contractor to assist you.