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Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways Ann Arbor

The sidewalks and walkways in your property will be among the first things your guests would see. They can be designed and constructed for you by your trusted Ann Arbor based concrete company. Sidewalks need to be functional and safe, while aesthetics is a secondary but not an unimportant consideration.

Ann Arbor Concrete Company

You have many options on how you can make your walkway look the best it can. There is no rule that limits walkways in their simple, dull, and straight style and their usual gray concrete color. You can have a walkway that matches and complements the beauty of your entire house. You can also change the color so that it can look better beside your landscaping. We are also your top choice for stamped concrete in Ann Arbor if you want a more organic look stone stamped look. This would give the surface of your walkway an imprint or a texture.

Depending on your preferences, many designs for sidewalks and walkways are available. At our company, you choose various styles from contemporary, ancient, or old world, rustic, tropical, or traditional themes. Layouts, shapes, colors, and textures can be modified to achieve these looks.

There are also many options to color concrete walkways. This includes the use of paint, stains, and dyes. Call us at 734-593-1449 for more details.